Топливная компания ООО «Транс-Ойл»
ООО «Транс-Ойл» специализируется на продаже дизельного топлива(ЕВРО-5) и бензин( АИ-92) предприятиям по выгодным ценам с доставкой в кротчайшие сроки. ООО ”Транс-Ойл”- официальный дистрибьютор смазочных материалов “ПРИСТА” в Южном федеральном округе РФ.
Ессентукская улица
Краснодарский край
Russian Federation

Our Benefits


It is well known that fuel quality is of great importance for proper operation of any motor. High quality of fuel seems to be as essential for a vehicle as good quality of food for people.


Trans-Oil LLC has partner relations with the major oil refinery plants of Russia; the Company carries on business activity in wholesale and delivery of such petroleum products as gasoil and gasoline RON-92.


We see our mission in supply to our partners of high quality fuel, meeting the EURO-5 standard specifications. To each client of the Company we suggest customized solutions and flexible pricing. We have our own vehicle fleet, intended to deliver fuel to destination in time. Location of the petroleum storage depots in Gulkevichi and Afipsky settlements of the Krasnodar Region is very suitable for logistic reasons as it allows to receive the petroleum products directly from the oil refinery plants. Our personnel can offer to you the most profitable business propositions. You are welcome to fruitful, beneficial and long-term cooperation with our Company!


Mustafov Medzhnun Ismetovich

Director General of Trans-Oil LLC

Director’s contact e-mail: mustafov@trans-oil.org 

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