Топливная компания ООО «Транс-Ойл»
ООО «Транс-Ойл» специализируется на продаже дизельного топлива(ЕВРО-5) и бензин( АИ-92) предприятиям по выгодным ценам с доставкой в кротчайшие сроки. ООО ”Транс-Ойл”- официальный дистрибьютор смазочных материалов “ПРИСТА” в Южном федеральном округе РФ.
Ессентукская улица
Краснодарский край
Russian Federation

New oil trademark in Russia - Trans Oil

In October 2013 the companies Trans-Oil LLC and Prista-Oil (Republic of Bulgaria) concluded the distributorship agreement. Trans-Oil LLC is an authorized representative of the PRISTA oils trademark in the Southern Federal District.

Prista-Oil is a top company in the sphere of production and sale of motor and industrial oils in the South-Eastern Europe and has the title of “Investor in foreign countries no. 1” in Bulgaria.
During recent 14 years the company has established business relations in over 20 countries, and its market participation in various countries constitutes from 5 to 55 %. The most significant market presence of the Prista products can be seen in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and others.
The Company has its own plants in Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey and Uzbekistan, which produce lubricants, oils, car maintenance fluids and car care products. At the same time Prista-Oil carries out partnership management of the largest lubricants and car care products manufacturing plant in the Republic of Serbia. The total annual production capacity of the company exceeds 250 000 tons.